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The Truth About Sofas

Got a burning renovation or décor question about your sofa? Perhaps we can help – here are 2 of the most common problems when it comes to sofas.


What is the right allowance of space to leave between the back of a sofa and a piece of art?

There are some factors to consider when hanging art, especially when there are pieces of furniture around it. For art hung above your sofa, make sure that the artwork “easily clears the heads of those seated, so guests will feel comfortable enough to lean back and relax without fear of hitting the frame,” says Alexandra Mytton-Mills, the creative director of frame shop The Frame Society.

She adds: “Artworks are usually hung at eye level, which is between 1.6m and 1.65m from the floor to the middle of the artwork. This increases the maximum visual enjoyment you get from the piece, without having to tilt your head to look up at it. “This, however, can be adjusted if you want to create a more intimate area with lower seating, for example, so that the art really becomes part of the space.”

I would like to save some money by reupholstering my sofa, but it’s quite old and I wonder if it might be cheaper to just buy a new one. How do I know if my sofa is a good candidate for upholstering?

We usually want to prolong the life of items we like, such as clothes that we bother to mend. The same goes for furniture. If you still love the shape and design of your sofa, then go ahead and reupholster it! You’ll still have a piece you love, but it’ll be updated for that new look you’re planning for the space. If it’s not something you love, then buying a new sofa is often worth the additional cost, says Chloe Elkerton, the founder and director of E&A Interiors.

“New fabric can work wonders on a piece that has a great shape. However, you need to think about the amount of fabric you require and also the condition of the seat and back cushions – do these need to be refilled, and do the legs or base need to be re-varnished? Work out all the costs before asking yourself if it is a piece you will really love, and will be able to use for a long time.


By Home & Décor, April 2015

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