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Use These Eye Masks To Hide The Fact That You’ve Been PARTYING Too Hard

They say the eyes are the windows to someone’s soul, but we say the eyes are the windows to someone’s lifestyle.

For those who get inadequate sleep or spend long hours straining their eyes looking at electronic devices, chances are, you’ll notice signs like dark eye circles and dehydrated skin before fine lines and wrinkles start to creep in. Simply put, you’ll look tired and perhaps even older than you actually are. Plus, who could resist one or two (or three or four) glasses of champagne, eggnog and cocktails this festive season? Add elevated alcohol consumption into the mix and you get puffiness around the eyes as well since your body scrambles to retain water wherever it can.

To reduce puffiness, always remember to drink one unit of water for every unit of alcohol you’re having. It’s only when you replenish your body’s hydration that you can minimise water retention and any signs of puffiness. And while there are concealers that will do the trick in hiding dark eye circles, it is limited in its ability to reduce puffiness, which makes your eyes look smaller, more swollen and more tired.

Here, the best eye masks that will energise and brighten your eye area to hide the signs of late nights:

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By Joyce Cheo, November 2018

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