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Want To Be Taken Seriously At Work? Stop Using These 3 Words.

You might be oblivious to these words that you’re (mis)using way too often.


The “J” word

You guessed it: just.

“I was just wondering …”

“Can I just check if …”

It might seem harmless – what’s an extra little word in a sentence, right?

Wrong. It completely alters the dynamics of the interaction – “just” is a permission word that places you in a position of subordination, handing the authority to your conversation partner.


The “T” word

Do or do not, there is no try.

Your bosses don’t want someone who’ll try to fix the problem, or try to complete the report by 4pm. They want someone who will fix the problem, and who will get the work done. 

Be sure of yourself (or even if you’re not, at least try to look the part) so you empower yourself as a worthy, reliable worker.


The “M” word

In a similar vein, nobody trusts that indecisive colleague who might look over the contract – you’re implying a lack of conviction and downplays your reliability.


If you begin to pay attention, you’ll realise how often these lethal words creep into your vocabulary. So scratch these words from your mental wordbank.


By Pinky Chng, May 2016


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