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Watch These Short Films to Discover a Side of Singapore You’ve Never Seen

Got a few minutes to spare? These films will reveal the lesser known aspects of Singapore and its people.


If you’re not in the mood to go out and venture around Singapore, you can still learn more about the city on the computer or smart phone with these short videos. 


Tools of The Trade 

Have you ever noticed the traditional wooden signboards with Chinese characters at shophouses? Wonder who made them and how? This film speaks to two craftsmen who share more details on this fading art. Find out why these boards have to be made by hand instead of leaving it up to technology and machines. 

Watch it here: vimeo.com/140768180


Kuda Kepang – Reviving The Culture 

Imagine adult men and women straddling wooden horses, dancing to the sounds of the gamelan, eating hot coal and glass, and being whipped. They are not horsing around. They are in a trance as part of a Kuda Kepang performance; a traditional Javanese dance which is still occasionally practised in Singapore today. Intrigued? Watch this short film to find out more. 

Watch it here: vimeo.com/140872501

Bonus: For a full Kuda Kepang performance at Malay Heritage Centre, watch this video too. 


I Am Eurasian 

In this melting pot we call Singapore, there are about 17,000 people of Eurasian descent. This film unveils a bit about this ethnic group (and of course, their delicious food and cuisines) and how they have contributed to Singapore’s unique racial tapestry over the years. 

Watch it here: youtube.com/watch?v=tKMi_33bCUI

Bonus: The “Jinkli Nona” is a popular Eurasian folk song and dance, usually danced at weddings. Want to know how it goes? We found an upbeat remix to this song here!


Beneath The Spikes 

Would you carry an altar on your body with over 100 body piercings? Follow one man on this journey to express this gratitude and faith this way as part of Panguni Uthiram, a Hindu festival where some believers of Lord Murugan display their devotion to the deity. 

Watch it here: youtube.com/watch?v=CZw-HnUCj1I


Remnants of Singapore 

What is the value of collecting old things? How is it different from hoarding? This documentary takes a look at why collectors of antiques and things from the past are an important part of remembering Singapore‘s history and heritage in the light of the country’s rapid development.

Watch it here: vimeo.com/128104819


If you’re interested to learn more about Singapore’s culture and heritage, here are some highlights to look forward to at the Singapore HeritageFest 2016


By Muneerah Bee, April 2016 


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