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We Just Found Our New Favourite Furniture Store For Asian Inspired Furniture!

If you’ve often found yourself enamoured by the style from Asia’s many cultures, then emGallery is a must-visit – the boutique offers plenty of special pieces for both your home and wardrobe, and here’s why you should visit.


It’s A One-Stop Asian Shop

Emiko, a Japanese native, makes frequent trips to Laos and Cambodia in order to discover the charm of IndoChinese style, which she aims to recreate in her boutique.

emgallery’s collections comprise items like Cambodian rush grass floor mats, Thai mango wood accessories, Vietnamese eggshell lacquerware and silk pillows and throw textiles. Occasionally, you may even find a selection of one-of-a-kind art pieces, photographs and furniture.


Each collection is creatively, lovingly, and painstakingly designed

The process of developing each collection is lengthy. First, Emiko determines a theme for the collection and develops a colour palette and image book. Then, she draws designs for each piece, coordinating between colours, textures, and motifs. The designs are eventually discussed with weavers in Laos and Cambodia before they begin hand-weaving her collection.

Production typically takes between three and five months to complete.


It’s Not Just About Decor

Emiko also develops in-shop projects and occasionally holds exhibitions. One noteworthy project: VillageWorks, which pays homage to village artisans from Laos and Cambodia and their traditions.

Emiko creates a strong story in each craft, such as indigodyeing, bead-weaving and embroidery, and highlights its ethnicity.


By Hazel Joanne Vincent De Paul, The Finder, June 2016


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