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What are Heritage Roads and Why Are They Important to Singapore?

Go for a drive along these green roads. 


We told you all about Heritage Trees in Singapore. Now, get to know the Heritage Roads where mature trees are found along them.

Launched in 2001 by the National Parks Board, the Heritage Road Scheme aims to save the scenic tree-lined roads of Singapore amidst the country’s rapid development and provide a “green buffer”. 

Besides contributing to Singapore‘s history and identity, preserving these Heritage Roads also adds an element of permanence and continuity to the everchanging landscape. 

In efforts to conserve the nature along these roads, trees and plants found on both sides of the Heritage Roads cannot be removed.

You can find five Heritage Roads in Singapore at the moment. 


            1. Arcadia Road 

Here’s where you can find mature rain trees starting from the junction of Adam Road to the end of Arcadia Road. It’s a great place for a serene drive as you try to spot the old civil service residences of Adam Park Estate.


            2. Mount Pleasant Road 

From the junction of Denham Road all the way to the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) Slip road, this 1353 metre-long and meandering road is lined by mature saga trees. The pre-World War II black-and-white bungalows in this area are accompanied by trees such as cinnamon, palms and figs.


            3. Mandai Road 

Did you know Mandai Road is one of Singapore’s oldest carriageways? It was built in 1855, and served as one of the main links between Woodlands and Upper Thomson.

Today, this boulevard (starting from the parking lot opposite Upper Seletar Reservoir to the junction of Mandai Avenue) features mature rain trees complemented by lush vegetation and greenery of Upper Seletar Reservoir.


            4. South Buona Vista Road 

Located along Kent Ridge Park, this stretch of road from the junction of Vigilante Drive to just before the junction at Stockport Road is home to silver backs, acacia, tembusu, pelong and yellow flame trees. 

Do note some parts of the road include hairpin turns and careful navigation is advised.


            5. Lim Chu Kang Road 

Lim Chu Kang Road

Dating back from before the 1900s, this road was build to connect the villages in the north-western countryside back then as the population grew. The villages and plantations are gone but the mature trees are still standing strong. from the junction of Sungei Gedong Road to the junction of Ama Keng Road. Keep a look out for the majestic angsana, broad leaf mahogany and rubber trees along the road.


By Muneerah Bee, May 2016 

Photos: National Parks Board


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