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What To Do If Your Child Is Struggling With English In Singapore

If English isn’t your child’s native language, the British Council’s SMART English Junior programme can get him or her up to speed.

Whether your family hails from France, China or elsewhere around the globe, adjusting to life at Singapore’s international schools can be a challenge for your child. There is increasing competition for school placements, and the importance of solid English skills is becoming even more critical. Looking to give your child an advantage? Then sign him or her up for the British Council’s SMART English Junior programme.

Ideal for Kids Aged 11 to 14

This intensive preparatory programme is designed to help students achieve a solid foundation in the English language. It also emphasises academic skills and useful life skills like critical thinking, which will be useful for entry exams and managing the pressures of life at international school.

Gain an Edge

Several international schools in Singapore use the Aptis test as a measurement of English proficiency. Why is this important? Because the British Council developed this test, which means enrolling in the SMART English Junior programme will give your child the best chance of getting into a school of his or her choice. Students must register for Aptis for Teens test to determine the right level for them.

Broad-based Learning

The programme aims to develop students’ abilities in four primary skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing, as well as improve vocabulary and grammar. With regular exam practice and weekly assessments, students will become familiar with exam strategies that will help them pass their entrance tests. Team-based project work will also help students transition into an international school environment.


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