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What to Do When You Feel Earth Tremors in Singapore

While Singapore is relatively safe from major natural disasters, here are some precautions to take when an earthquake hits our neighbouring countries.

Earth tremors were felt in some parts of Singapore last night as a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rattled residents of Southern California.

Previously, the Singapore Police Force issued this public safety advisory when an earthquake struck the island of Sumatra, Indonesia earlier this year.

The public is advised to remain calm. If they are inside a building and feel the tremors, they should:

i) Take cover under a sturdy table or furniture;

ii) Keep away from items made of glass or any hanging object;

iii) Do not use the lift; and

iv) Do not use any naked light, in case there is a gas leak.

If they are out in the open, they should minimise their movement and stay away from buildings, street lights and utility wires. After the vibrations have stopped, they should

i) Stay away from any exposed electrical cables, hanging glass objects;

ii) Report any gas leakage;

iii) Help the injured, call the Singapore Civil Defence Force if the injuries are significant;

iv) Report any incidents or issues of law and order to Police; and

v) Tune in to the radio for updates.

Check out more useful tips from the Civil Defence Emergency Handbook on page 47.

Additionally, find out how to you can prepare your home for emergencies in Singapore.

Read more about the earthquake in California, US here:

Big quake rattles Southern California

By Muneerah Bee / Updated by Melodi Ghui, July 2019

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