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What Makes a Creative City of Design and Where Are They Located?

When choosing to relocate, do you consider the city’s level of creativity? 


Surprise! In December 2015, Singapore was named a Creative City of Design.

What is a Creative City? It is a status granted by Unesco, an arm of the United Nations, aimed at fostering international collaboration usually in “softer” fields such as culture and social sciences, to cities that have identified creativity as a strategic factor for development.

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Singapore’s a Unesco Creative City of Design: What that means

10 things that make Singapore a city of design


There are currently 22 designated Cities of Design.

1. Singapore (2015)

2. Bandung, Indonesia (2015)

3. Budapest, Hungary (2015)

4. Detroit, the United States (2015)

5. Kaunas, Lithuania (2015)

6. Puebla, Mexico (2015)

Current members

1. Beijing, China (2012)

2. Berlin, Germany (2005)

3. Bilbao, Spain (2014)

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina (2005)

5. Curitiba, Brazil (2014)

6. Dundee, Scotland (2014)

7. Graz, Austria (2011)

8. Helsinki, Finland (2014)

9. Kobe, Japan (2008)

10. Montreal, Canada (2006)

11. Nagoya, Japan (2008)

12. Saint-Etienne, France (2010)

13. Seoul, South Korea (2010)

14. Shanghai, China (2010)

15. Shenzhen, China (2008)

16. Turin, Italy (2014)

Source: ST


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Muneerah Bee, February 2016


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