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What Is Personalised Learning, According To This International School In Singapore?

Nexus International School shares how a personalised approach is so important to each child’s development.

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Human respect and self regulation – at Nexus International School, these two considerations are just as important as academic rigour.

The school encourages children to realise their potential and respect their own unique worth as well as that of others. And the ability to identify each child’s learning speed, motivation and style is critical in creating the right environment for students to achieve their best.

Nexus International believes that only through personalised learning can a child cultivate a joy for learning – a lifelong virtue.


Teachers Know Kids

The teachers at Nexus draw inspiration from their students’ passions and talents to create a holistic education for each child. It is only by getting to know each student that teachers are able to ensure that every child can learn at his or her own pace.


Self-Driven Approach

Children must have a hand in their own education to ignite their passion for learning. By giving them a choice in what, how, when and where they learn, they can open up suitable learning pathways to excel.

At Nexus, students are encouraged to discuss their own progress and to take charge of their own learning journey and goals. This is enabled by flexible learning spaces, team teaching and feedback.


Learners, not Students

Nexus believes that every child learns best when he or she is interested.

Because learning is the focal point at Nexus, students are referred to as “learners”. In the relationship between teacher and learner, the learner focuses on “what has to happen that will help me to learn best?” while the teacher focuses on helping each learner achieve his or her goals.


Intrinsic Motivation

Positive rewards can motivate some children but they do not nurture curiosity or independence.

At Nexus, students are required to take responsibility for their own learning. This helps them to be independent and not spoon fed.

By developing their curiosity, they will achieve a long-term habit of learning. Nexus hopes to inculcate this in all its learners.


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