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What is Pink Dot SG?

Because #LoveIsLove.

In conjunction with pride month, we tell you about an annual event that has been pivotal in shaping LGBT awareness in Singapore.

Okay, so what is Pink Dot SG exactly? 

Pink Dot SG is a fun annual event that takes place in Hong Lim Park (Speakers’ Corner) to show solidarity and support for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community in Singapore. Straight allies are welcome too. Basically, Pink Dot SG believes everyone should have the freedom to love.

So it’s like a Pride Parade?

Not exactly. For one, don’t expect to see anyone marching in the streets. It’s more like a laid-back gathering in a park on a Saturday afternoon.

Pink Dot 2013

Pink Dot 2013

What happens at this event? 

Everyone is encouraged to dress in pink and will gather to form a circular formation (a “pink dot”) at the end of the event. In recent years, the large turnout has made it harder to form a perfect “dot” so now we have a whole park of pinkness! They’ve also scheduled it in the evening in recent years so it’s an awesome sight to see the park light up in pink.

Pink Dot SG 2011

Pink Dot SG 2011

Pink Dot SG 2014

Pink Dot SG 2014

There are also performances and activities for the whole family to enjoy during the event. Many people also choose to have a picnic with their friends and family on the park grounds. Kids and pets are welcome.

How long has Pink Dot SG been happening?

It started in 2009 and continues to be an annual event in Singapore at Hong Lim Park around May or June each year.

But why pink? 

For various reasons. For example, it is in reference to “red dot”, a term that is sometimes used to describe Singapore. Pink is also the colour of the identity cards that Singaporeans carry.

Can non-Singaporeans attend Pink Dot SG?

Unfortunately not. Under changes to the Public Order Act (in November 2016), only Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents are allowed to assemble at the Speakers’ Corner. In previous Pink Dot events before the amendments to the law, foreigners were allowed to observe but not participate.

Ohkaaay. So, is Pink Dot held in Singapore only? 

Similar Pink Dot events took place in Hong Kong, London, Montreal, New York City, Taiwan, and Okinawa, Japan.

Although Pink Dot events in each city may differ slightly, forming the “pink dot” remains as the main highlight. (I attended the first Pink Dot Okinawa in 2013 and it had the similar vibe of love and inclusiveness like all of the Pink Dot SG events I’ve been to.)

When is Pink Dot SG 2019?

It will be on June 29, from 3p.m. onwards.

How can I support Pink Dot SG in other ways?

Find out how you can contribute to Pink Dot SG here.


By Muneerah Bee, May 2016 / Updated by Muneerah Bee, 2019

Photos: Pink Dot SG’s Facebook page

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