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What is Vaginal Wall Laxity?

Calling all mothers! If you’ve given birth vaginally, you may be experiencing vaginal wall laxity. 


What’s that? It’s when your vaginal tissues, most notably in the external third of the vaginal canal, become stretched. This area of the vaginal canal is called the introitus. Vaginal introital laxity is thoughts to be an under-reported condition. So, if you and your partner have noticed a difference during sex lately – and it’s not a good change – you may be interested in treatment options. 

David Loh Surgery uses the non-surgical, non-invasive Viveve system to help treat vaginal laxity on suitable patients. The procedure takes only 30 minutes and doesn’t require anesthesia. How does it work? By accurately targeting radiofrequency to your vaginal wall, it causes collagen to regenerate and tissues to tighten. (It’s just like the treatment for rejuvenating the skin of the face!) This vaginal wall tightening because of collagen regeneration may help increase sensation during intercourse – for you both. 

There’s no recovery time after the treatment, so patients can resume their activities immediately. And some claim to experience results after just one treatment. Patients must be assessed by a medical professional for suitability.

The procedure will be performed by Dr. Phoon Yi Shan, a talented female practitioner who works with Dr. David Loh, at DLS’s Park House Clinic location. The clinic has a private car park just steps from the entrance for maximum privacy. Call Dr. Phoon at 6733 9114 to learn more.


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