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What You Can Do to Fight the Haze

The haze in Singapore continues to worsen. While we wrote last week about why it is happening and how to protect yourself, it feels like we can and should do more. Here’s how you can help.



Masks are the quickest and easiest way to reduce your exposure. For a comprehensive look at what type of mask you need to get the most protection, visit the Singapore government’s Updates on the Haze website. Most masks are available at major pharmacies and grocery stores including: Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage and Fairprice.  


Air Purifiers

A good quality, HEPA air filter should be used. The National Environment Agency has a list of good purifiers and contact numbers for suppliers. Additionally, they have information about devices that can be fitted to your air conditioning units.


Be Proactive

Both masks and air purifiers are excellent ways to deal with the current haze crisis. However, the problem of haze persists and will continue to choke us if we don’t take greater steps to find a solution. Most of the deforestation happening in Indonesia is to help with the production of palm oil and paper production.

Palm oil is used is far more products that one might guess and our consumption needs to change before corporations and governments will make any significant progress to reduce pollution.

The People’s Movement to Stop Haze is a great resource to learn more about how you can be part of the solution. Run by concerned Singaporean citizens, this active group has loads of resources and information on their website. They offer 5 ways to fight haze http://pmhaze.org/be-a-haze-fighter/5-ways-to-fight-haze/ that you can start doing now (like stop supporting palm oil). With lists of products that are produced using sustainable means, you can breathe easy (pun intended) knowing you are not contributing to the problem.

If each person, puts in a bit of effort to buy consciously and responsibly, we can send a message that this type of pollution is unacceptable. Be part of the solution.


By Kathleen Siddell, September 2015

Photo: 123rf.com

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