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What’s the Secret To A Good Night’s Rest? Let the Fight of the Pillows Begin!

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The Weekly spent some time sleeping in the name of finding the best pillows for you:


1. Yummy for your tummy (Best for Stomach and Back Sleepers)

Ombracio Pillow (Tempur) – Stomach sleepers will love this because it is soft and flat, and curved at the sides so you can wrap your arms around it. The pillow also offers better neck support than most other models because of Tempur’s temperature-sensitive material that conforms to your shape.

2. Firm Value  (Best for Side Sleepers)

Dentons Medirest Therapeutic Pillow (Robinsons) – My shoulders feel relaxed so I’m sleeping better these days. This provides a very firm base for the neck and is considerately curved at the long edge to cradle the shoulder blade. It is slightly taller than most pillows so I’d recommend it to those with broad shoulders.

3. To Have & To Hold (Best for Side Sleepers)

365+ FAST (IKEA) – It provides great neck hold and makes side-sleeping very comfortable. The small surface especially suits those who don’t toss around a lot at night.”

4. Light Fantastic  (Best for Side and Back Sleepers)

Symphony Pillow (Tempur) – I’d describe this as sleeping on a cloud because my head felt so weightless. I didn’t feel my usual soreness at the back of my neck. It banished all my cares and worries overnight.”

5. Cool Snooze  (Best for Side Sleepers)

Technogel Anatomic 13 Pillow (Robinsons) – The Technogel Anatomic 13 has a gel-infused layer that disperses heat and pressure so I feel cool throughout the night. This is a real keeper for me because it gives great support yet feels hardly there! I now enjoy uninterrupted sleep and my hand no longer hurts after being tucked under the pillow for many hours (the pillow’s airiness promotes blood flow).

6. TOP NOD (Best for Back and Side Sleepers)

Posture Sleep Pillow (Backjoy) – This patented pillow self-conforms to my head and neck so I was able to sleep soundly. I no longer wake up in the middle of the night and my neck feels less stiff in the mornings. It is also extra-breathable so my head doesn’t feel sweaty.”


When is it time to change my pillow?

If you own a polyester or microfibre pillow, fold it in half and place an object that weighs around 300 g (say, a shoe) on it. If the pillow doesn’t unfold and knock the item off, it’s time to get a new one. Experts recommend that polyester and microfibre pillows be replaced every six months. High quality ergonomic ones, like Tempur pillows, come with a three-year guarantee against indents over 2 cm.


By Sylvia Ong, Singapore Women’s Weekly, July 2014

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