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When In Asia, Be Asian. Try Out These Funky Fengshui Tips to Energise Your Home

Feng Shui expert Kevin Foong reveals down-to-earth ways to invite luck into your world.

Feng Shui literally means ‘wind and water’. This is an ancient Chinese system that studies the natural forces in our surroundings that is believed to bring good and bad “qi” (or energy) that affects our health, wealth, life’s opportunities and people relationships. As this is the Year of the Wood Goat, your home’s Feng Shui and property points will start to shift. According to Feng Shui master Kevin Foong, Wood represents growth and activities while the Goat presents a strong Earth element.

So, who’s in for a good time? “Those in the textile, publishing, energy, IT, sports, entertainment and F&B businesses will be on a roll. However, as water is absent in 2015, illnesses such as kidney failure and poor immune system will be on the rise,” Kevin warns. Hence, being supported by good Feng Shui at home is extremely important to ward off these bad omens. Remember: “This is a year to refrain from aggressive confrontations so stay calm when seeking out solutions and all will be good,” Kevin advises.


Compass Points

Residents with their main entrance facing the North are in for a bountiful Goat Year. “The auspicious Wealth Star will show up at their front door in the forms of financial windfalls or career progression,” Kevin reveals. But if your main door faces the West or South East, all’s not lost: Place a large, leafy potted plant. “Green, living plants emits positive energy, hence they make simple remedies to curb the ‘sha qi’ (negative energy) coming from that direction,” explains Kevin.


Written in the stars

Look out for the Wealth Star, which is found in the northern part of the home. “Having your work desk in this spot can help you gain a career promotion or increase your business revenue. Also, the luck in fame and fortune is concentrated in the northeast so dwell in this space regularly,” lets on Kevin. Place your children’s study desk in the northwest sector, where the education star will bless them with good results, he urges.

The “Five Yellow” which symbolise misfortune, obstacles and challenges will arrive from the West, says Kevin. “Keep this corner as peaceful as possible and don’t do any renovation, drilling or any activity with loud noises this year,” he says and adds that having some metallic furniture pieces here can help curb the negative energy. 

Appease the Sickness Star in the South East sector and all will be healthy by avoiding renovation works or noisy drilling in this corner this year.

The Quarrelsome and Conflict Star might be the culprit behind those unnecessary arguments. Located in the centre of the house, placing a red carpet there can “subdue its negative energy”, suggests Kevin. 


Bedroom Basics

A solid headboard and a firm mattress provides good support for the body. “I recommend a solid, wooden headboard to illustrate strong support for the body. In Chinese Feng Shui, support is denoted by mountain energy, and wood is ideal as it’s a natural element. Avoid metal bed frames as metal represents mental, the mind and stress,” he says.

To maintain equality in the marriage, wives should sleep on the right side of the bed while husbands on the left. “The left side represents the dragon energy, also yang, and is suitable for men. The right represents the white tiger, yin, ideal for ladies. This creates a perfect balance of yin and yang and paves the way for a harmonious Feng Shui,” he says.

Pick pastel colours for the bedroom. “Restful shades of blue, pink, green, purple and grey are best,” he says.


By Sylvia Ong, Singapore Women’s Weekly, February 2015

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