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Where to Find Pesticide Free Produce in Singapore

Getting quality produce, grown without pesticides, at a reasonable cost can be tricky in Singapore. We can help. We’ve got 5 options to buy chemical free fruits and vegetables — and most places deliver!


Premium Vegetables from Japan

Japanese mixed greens

Starting today, local grocers Cold Storage, Marketplace and Jason’s will be stocking Japanese vegetables grown in a controlled environment. Jointly brought to Singapore by a consortium of Japanese and Singaporean companies, these leafy greens showcase Japanese quality and advanced technology to grow healthy and flavourful vegetables in clean rooms.  These environmentally friendly, pesticide-free, highly nutritious, vegetables are priced between $2.85 and $4.95 for the next four weeks. Look for the black and white label (pictured above).



Quanfa Organic Farm uses a Japanese composting technique to make rich soil that encourages plant growth and discourages insects and infections. Grown without pesticides, chemicals and using sustainable practices, Quanfa Organic Farms grows fresh, local and delicious produce that is delivered right to your doorstep. They have built a solid reputation in Singapore since 1999. Their website is easy to navigate but could be enhanced with pictures of the produce while shopping.   


SG Organic

SG Organic provides air flown, certified organic, fruits and vegetables from Australia. All produce arrives in Singapore within 2-3 days of being harvested and then packaged and delivered to your door the day it arrives in Singapore (or the day after). With an easy to navigate website and handy features like “weekly standing orders,” SG Organics couldn’t make eating healthy an easier…(okay, maybe if they cooked your meals too!).


Green Circle Eco Farm

Started in 1999, Green Circle Eco Farm is about as local as you can get. These vegetables grown on 2.2 hectares right here in Singapore. Using minimal packaging, recycled and reuse boxes for delivery and Sustainable farming practices (like collecting rain water), Green Circle is a great choice for those not only looking for organic products but also environmentally friendly practices. An added bonus: You can visit the farm for an educational tour. Delivery fees apply.



Zenxin not only has a wide selection of produce but they also sell dried goods, health and beauty products, and household goods — all organic. Delivery is free for orders over $150 and can be scheduled Monday – Saturday $20 for under $50. If delivery is not your thing (I don’t understand — but I can tell you they have a physical store at Wholesale Centre Pasir Panjang and they offer 10% member discount if you spend $50 and carry your goods home.


Learn more about going organic in Singapore.


By Kathleen Siddell, September 2015

Photo: La Ditta Limited


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