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Where to Go for Cutting Edge Skin Treatment in Singapore

Besides sexy hair and Instagram-ready skin, many women also dream of slipping into figure-hugging dresses easily. This is where Dr. Ivan Puah from Amaris B. Clinic comes into the picture. An aesthetic doctor and a well-known body contouring expert in the field of medical aesthetics, he was one of the first few doctors to introduce liposution procedures like Smartlipo and Vaser in Singapore and Southeast Asia.

At the forefront of cosmetic enhancements, Dr. Puah’s practice not only provides body solutions for clients who are looking to lose weight, remove unwanted body fat deposits and tighten loose skin, it also provides various types of face, skin and hair treatments to cater for whatever aesthetic need you might have.

Although liposuction treatments are the most indemand item at Amaris B. Clinic, Dr. Puah has two other revolutionary sculpting treatments that are sure to make you look and feel like a million bucks.



Many women feel that a larger bust size or a smaller body silhouette would equate to more confidence, but breast implant surgery can be painful both on the body and on the wallet, and that’s not including other risks and side effects. Amaris B. Clinic’s
ADR-C Breast EnhancerTM is a minimally invasive procedure with no hospital stay, making recovery far quicker than traditional surgery.

The treatment is designed for those who want fuller, natural-looking breasts or to correct breast asymmetry or if you’re simply looking to go up a cup size, but cannot fathom the thought of silicone implants. Dr. Puah’s mindblowing ADR-C Breast EnhancerTM procedure removes troublesome and unwanted body fat tissues, which are then transferred into your breasts, giving you a slimmer silhouette and a fuller bust – all in a single session. How’s that for solving two problems in one?

Established in 2004, Amaris B. Clinic is known for its vast range of body contouring treatments, including liposuction, Vaser Hi-Def Lipo, gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction) and buttock enhancement.



Enjoy the benefits of a facelift and facial enhancement with zero downtime when you use Amaris B. Clinic’s 4D Fluid Facelift procedure. A specially crafted facial fillers treatment, 4D Fluid Facelift addresses facial enhancement, facial rejuvenation and facial slimming. Erase the years off your face and expect fuller lips and cheeks, a sharper looking nose and a slimmer facial profile. Suitable as a lunchtime quickie, the procedure adds and restores volume to your skin like an instant facelift without needing to go under the knife. What makes this technique even better is that it’s great for women (and interested men) of all ages, from 18 to 48 years of age and above. Looking good doesn’t have to hurt.


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