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Where to go for Tech Support in Singapore

There are few better tests of gratitude than coming face to face with a dreaded blue screen. A malfunctioning, sick or broken electronic device can feel like the end of the world. I’ve seen cracked screens make grown men cry; temperamental machines make the most zen women flip out; and arguably worse, broken iPads absolutely destroy sweet, loveable toddlers.  

But then you take a few deep breaths (a few shots, shed a few tears, scream into a pillow) and realize, it’s not the end of the world. It’s just your computer. Everyone is safe and healthy and for this you are grateful. But OMG, your pictures! Your music! Your computer!

Lucky for us, Singapore has some great electronics superheroes to swoop in and save the day.


1. Tekkie Help

If you’ve ever encountered any kind of issue with your electronic devices, you’ve probably gone to Tekkie Help. This expat favourite gets consistently great reviews with great reason!

Not only is their website easy to navigate, but their troubleshooting section can stop you from making a desperate call when you walk through first steps to try.

We love – that they will not just repair but will help with installation (of any devices) but also help with home networking, home entertainment systems and even cameras! They give unbiased advice on services and providers in Singapore.

Tekkie support offers telephone support to assess the issue and then will make recommendations. They make home or office visits.


2. The Repair Hospital

The repair hospital has steadily grown throughout Singapore with consistent service and great reviews. In 2012 the company incorporated and prides itself on their years of experience.

Their comprehensive website not only offers diagnostic advice but also allows you to shop online for electronic devices!

We love – Their same day turn over! With a call to their service centre, you will indicate what the problem is and they will recommend appropriate action. They have three convenient locations – one in the West, one Central and one in the East – where you can drop off your device. Or, if you prefer, they’ll send an ambulance! (Ok, not a real ambulance but they will pick up and deliver island wide.)


3. Manufacturers support websites.

Whether it’s Apple, Dell, Microsoft, HP, Epson, etc., their corporate offices will have a support page and forums (easily found on Google). They all seem to provide a toll free or local number here in Singapore. These services are best for people with ongoing but not critical issues. Websites and phone support can be a bit clunky but…

We love – that you will get expert advice on your particular device straight from the manufacturer.


4. The Geek Team

While this service appears in search engines and is sometimes recommended in expat forums, as of June 2015, they are no longer be in service. Website links and phone number do not work.  

We do not love this.


Good Luck! (And go get another back up drive!)


By Kathleen Siddell, June 2015

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