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Where To Buy Essential Oils In Singapore: 12 Brands Offering A RELAXING “Me” Time

Because it's essential you take some time for yourself.

During ever-changing times like the present, a little help to calm the nerves goes a long way.

It’s amazing how incorporating little switches in our self-care routine can help a great deal. Winding down with a few drops of essential oils of your choice, does wonders for the mind and body. Plus, they’re more widely available than you’d think! Here’s where to buy essentials oils in Singapore.

1. BioFinest

biofinest violet essential oil pure natural where to buy essential oils in singapore

If you’re concerned about what goes into the products you’re using, Biofinest is the brand to consider. The 100-percent pure, organic, eco-friendly, chemical- and animal cruelty-free brand claims complete transparency of its ingredients for every product made.

With over a hundred different scents available in 10ml and 100ml bottles (from $12), expect classics like Eucalyptus, Lavender and Frankincense, to one-of-a-kind specials like Celery Seed, Chilli Seed and Catnip.

*Use coupon code AUTUMN2021 for 15 percent off storewide. Valid till 31 Oct 2021

Available at BioFinest.

2. dōTERRA

doterra grapefruit wild orange lime lemon fruity where to buy essential oils in singapore

Founded in 2008 with a Latin derivative name that means “Gift of the Earth”, dōTERRA founders were committed to providing only the highest quality and purest essential oils. This commitment lead to the creation of a new standard of therapeutic quality: CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.

Today dōTERRA remains one of the go-to essential oils brands, producing high-grade products that not only improve the lives of its customers but the rest of the world, too. A portion of its sales go to its Healing Hands Foundation, a mission “seek[ing] to bring healing and hope to the world,” in order to fight for “lives free of disease and poverty, and to ultimately empower impoverished communities with the tools needed to become self-reliant.”

*Check out its list of monthly promotions here.

Available at dōTERRA.

3. FLO Aroma

flo sg retreat summertime tropical scents essential oil singapore where to buy

With aromatherapy products designed and pieced together in Singapore, this homegrown brand adapts its scents to suit the tropical, humid climate. Available in 10ml, 50ml and 100ml, its blends (from $24.90) are created according to moods: think Summertime, Goodnight, Enchanted and even Immunity. Plus, check this out: It has even created a line of scented hand sanitizers inspired by Singapore neighbourhoods.

The best part? Its diffusers don’t require water or heat. Talk about fuss-free, right?

*Enjoy free local delivery for orders $80 and above.

Available at FLO Aroma.


hyssess where to buy essential oils in singapore

Formerly known as Mt. Sapola, HYSSES started with a simple vision to “share nature’s gifts with the world” through aromatherapy. It prides itself on sourcing only “handpicked and natural” ingredients that are free of toxins and synthetic silicones for optimal skin treatment.

Pick your essential oils (from $25.90, available in 10ml, 50ml and 100ml) based on what you need: allergies, depression, headaches, insect repellent, memory enhancement, stress, women’s and men’s wellness. Also available in body washes and shampoos, opt for its award-winning scents like Bergamot Frankincense, Ginger Clove, Lavender Chamomile, Lavender Hinoki, Rose Sandalwood and more.

*Enjoy up to 40 percent off its Wonderlust Discovery line. Valid till 3 January 2022.

Available at HYSSES.

5. Kirona Scent

lavender sleep stress relief kirona scent essential oil singapore

Choose between oil- or water-based essential oils at Kirona Scent. A true mark of aromatherapy – apart from its calming and healing properties – lies in the experience (lived or unlived). Which is what makes this brand so unique.

Apart from the quintessential scents like Lavender, Eucalyptus and the new Wild Bluebell and Woodsage & Seasalt ($14.90 for 10ml; $47.90 for 100ml), it carries a line of blends inspired by places and experiences that you would not want to miss: Brooklyn, Aromatic Coffee, Blue Skies, Manhattan, Long Island, Parisian, Shang-ri La and more. Can’t travel just yet? Let its your olfactory senses take you on that dream journey you’ve been waiting for.

Available at Kirona Scent.


muji essential oil singapore

This Japanese brand needs little to no introduction. Complementing its earth tone, minimalist aesthetic, MUJI carries its own line of 100-percent natural and pure aromatherapeutic essential oils, too. With over 55 different blends (from $23) to choose from, the myriad selections pair well with its in-house diffusers.

Available at MUJI.

7. Mmerci Encore

mmeri encore top selling where to buy essential oils in singapore

This Singapore-based aromatherapy brand creates artisanal scents in small batches, aiming to promote mental and physical wellbeing to all of its users. Inspired by personal experiences, its founder is committed to helping people live and sleep well – scent being the one calming thing that reminds people they are not alone.

Crafted with passion and pride, Mmerci Encore prides its essential oils to be 100-percent pure with uncompromising quality. Peruse its Relax collection (from $28), which includes popular favourites like the Nightshade Sleep Mode Blend, Lavender Essential Oil and more.

Available at Mmerci Encore.

8. My Pure Earth

my pure earth orse jasmine clary sage lavender geranium essential oils in singapore

Creating essential oils made “straight from farm to bottle” is what My Pure Earth does. Its commitment to sustainability is also paramount when it comes to the production of its products – using 100 percent recyclable and post-consumer materials. Plus, its Bottle Take Back programme aims to reduce its waste by encouraging consumers to return its used, empty bottles for a small incentive.

Comprising of certified organic and organically grown options, these essential oils (from $12.80) are also pesticide- and chemical-free.

*Enjoy 10 percent off when you sign up for its newsletter.

Available at My Pure Earth.

9. nenä

nena where to buy essential oils in singapore

End your day right with stress-busters and sleep-inducing essential oils from nenä. What’s so charming about this brand? Its unapologetic ability to engage in a little banter. In the middle of a pandemic? Take its Immunity Essential Oil ($48) – 30ml may just be all you need to “b*tch slap bacteria into submission”. Lazing off too much during WFH? Its Alert Remedy ($68 for 30ml) kicks your butt to “get back to #WERK”.

Its founder, Terry Jacobson was also a recent winner of The Finder‘s Expatpreneur 2021 Awards – in case you haven’t got the clue: These cheeky product slogans might’ve been the cherry on top of that sweet award.

Available at nenä.

10. Ollie

ollie lavender peppermint and woodsage where to buy essential oils in singapore

For a true, down-to-earth (literally) and no-frills aromatherapy brand, Ollie is all about “dispelling misinformation and myths” while creating quality essential oils available in the market. “No chemicals, no drama, no fuss, no frou frou,” it doesn’t get any more raw than this.

Ollie sources its ingredients from farmers and distillers worldwide. Its Peppermint Oil ($14.90 for 10ml) is sourced from Uttar Pradesh in the north of India. Aside from its oils, some of its best-selling products include the all-natural essential oil-based sprays like the Mosquito Repellent Spray ($13.90 for 50ml; Lemon Eucalyptus, Cedarwood), Yoga Mat Sanitizer Spray ($16.90 for 50ml; Lavender and Lemongrass) and Hand Sanitizer Spray ($9.90 for 30ml; Peppermint, Orange, Teatree with 70-percent alcohol).

Available at Ollie.

11. Tisserand

geranium, may chang, lavender and eucalyptus tisserand where to buy essential oils in singapore

World-known aromatherapy brand Tisserand is no stranger to the game. Born in 1974 from founder Robert Tisserand’s bedroom in South London, Tisserand is known for producing some of the finest essential oils touted for its 100 percent purity around the globe.

Tea Tree and Peppermint are its two best-selling essential oils. Tip: The former is a handy medicinal must-have for blemishes, while the latter is amazing for helping clear nasal congestion during sleep.

*Get 10 percent off your first order with the code: WELCOME. Valid till 31 October 2021.

Available at Tisserand SG.

12. Young Living

palo santo young living where to buy essential oils in singapore

This brand has been cultivating its own plants and herbs from farmlands in Utah and Idaho since 1994. Today Young Living has designed and built the largest, most technologically advanced essential oil distillery in North America. To add, Young Living’s patented Seed to Seal process ensure all its essential oils comply with top-grade quality control without compromising on quality.

We know you probably already know of the usual scents available, so one to watch out for: KidScent (from $28.94 for 5ml), a line of blends specially created that’s safe for children. Alternatively, Thieves is a line of home cleaning and personal care products that are free of harsh chemicals made with only pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils and other naturally derived ingredients.

That’s not all, this brand is all about making the world a better place, too. The D. Gray Young, Young Living Foundation was started back in 2009 and it’s on a mission to championing education, women empowerment, ending generational poverty and protecting the vulnerable against exploitation.

Available at Young Living.

By Willaine G. Tan

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