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Who Started Decorating Christmas Trees? And What’s that Got to Do with Singapore?

Time for a Christmas trivia quiz! 

Have you ever wondered where the very first Christmas tree was put up and decorated? 


Give up?

Perhaps not many people know this but the answer is Riga, the capital of Latvia.


It is commonly believed that the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree started around 500 years ago in 1510 in this Baltic city. 

This year, TANGS is bringing the Latvian Christmas experience to Singapore with live fir trees, winter photos of Latvia and a sneak peak into Latvian culture. 

Photo: TANG’s Facebook page


From December 4 to 25, the Latvian Christmas pop-up at the HOUSE of TANG on Level 4 along Orchard Road will showcase some of the unique lifestyle and design products from Latvia.

While you’re shopping, keep a look out for Latvian Christmas decorations on the retail store’s main tree, and take a moment to see how the people who invented Christmas tree decorating are doing it right here in the heart of sunny Singapore!


By Muneerah Bee, December 2015


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