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Why Playing Pokemon Go In Singapore Is Good For You

Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm, and Singapore too, since it was released last week. 

And along with the hype comes news of fights breaking out over the game, of careless players so absorbed in the game at the expense of their road safety. 

Our take? Pokemon Go isn’t all that bad. 

When you put aside all the negative publicity surrounding the game, that’s what Pokemon Go ultimately is – a game – no different from your Candy Crush or Clash of Clans. A game that can momentarily detach you from stress and even improve your cognitive health. 

So agrees Leah Lagos Wallach, clinical and sport psychologist, in this video by Tech Insider


So, why not hone in on the plus points of Pokemon Go instead?

Strangers can bond over the game, having conversations with each other that they most probably wouldn’t otherwise have had, building a sense of connectedness. 

A far cry from the typically fast-paced society of Singapore where people brush past thousands of others who become but faces they don’t commit to memory. 

As much as Pokemon Go has shown to be able to rob us of apathy and social skills, it can equally strengthen them. We’re switching the mantra around: don’t hate the game, hate the gamer.

We’ve got to say, we’ve been enjoying the unexpected companionship of our fellow Pokemon trainers – even if it’s as little as a knowing nod of the head – while hunting for Pikachu.  

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