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Why You Should Register with Your Home Country’s Embassy in Singapore

One of the many reasons Singapore tops places to live as an expat, is its safety record. Crime rates are low, people are kind, and violence is rare. However, as the recent bombings in Indonesia and Paris have shown, it’s important to remember bad things can happen anywhere, at any time.


In addition to following these great tips, one of the best things you can do to help prepare yourself in an emergency is to register with your home country’s embassy. Most embassies will protect your privacy but having an official record of your whereabouts can save valuable time when you need it most.

Think of your embassy as your “911” emergency number while abroad. Whether you’ve lost your passport, found yourself in legal trouble or fallen ill, your embassy is often the best place to turn for help. Your embassy can also help to arrange for your evacuation following a natural disaster, political upheaval or terror attack.

Even if you are a seasoned expat, who has never needed such assistance, your embassy can be of invaluable assistance in the case of a medical emergency either with you, or someone at home. They may be able to reach you more quickly (especially if you are travelling) and can assist in helping you find medical care, insurance or help you transfer funds to cover unexpected treatment costs.

While some of these events may seem unlikely, the embassy also can help with a number of non-emergency situations such as absentee voting, filing tax forms, providing notary services, and in some states/countries renewing your driver’s license.

Because each country’s restrictions and policies vary, please visit your home country’s website for more information and to register. Click here for a full list of embassies in Singapore and their contact information.


By Kathleen Siddell
Photo: 123rf.com

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