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Is Your Living Room A Fatal Safety Hazard For Your Child?

Child-proof your home

Earlier in the year, IKEA announced a recall for 29 million MALM and other popular dressers and chests, after a third child died from one of the models toppling over on them.

This is in addition to 41 incidents of these dressers and chests tipping over, leading to 17 injuries in children. 

The recalled chests and dressers didn’t meet the legal performance requirements, and are unstable if they are not properly anchored to the wall, posing a tip-over and entrapment hazard.



While this saga is over, and errors rectified, here’s how you can better child-proof your home to prevent your child from sustaining any injuries from furniture.

1. Arrange your furniture strategically such that it’s difficult for children to climb onto higher surfaces.

2. Anchor your furniture, particularly tables, dressers, and larger pieces, to the ground or wall. Make sure there’s no risk of anything toppling over when your curious little one goes around pushing and pulling on furniture.

3. Cover edges of furniture with corner protectors to prevent any injuries. Even if you think they’re blunt, your crying toddler who just cluelessly ran into it wouldn’t think so.

4. Place decorative stickers or some sort of warning on transparent sliding doors and panels, ideally at your child’s eye level, to prevent them from unknowingly running into it. Especially if they’re glass – it could shatter and seriously injure your child.


By Pinky Chng, July 2016 (last updated October 2016)


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