10 EFFICIENT Ways To Become An Eco-Friendly And Sustainable Traveller

It’s possible to keep your carbon footprint minimal as you travel.
19 December 2019

Sustainable travel is not a myth.

Mention eco-friendly travel and you might think of camping or backpacking. But eco-friendly travelling is so much more than that. There are many other “green” things you can do to reduce your carbon footprint and protect the earth.

Ecotourism is a rapidly growing industry, thanks to greater awareness and more environmentally conscious travellers trying to do their part. Regardless of what type of travel you choose, conscientiously making sure you leave nothing behind but footprints can go a long way.

Ready to embark on your green journey? Here are some simple ways to minimise your carbon footprint while travelling.

By Joyce Chua + additional reporting by Sara Lyle Bow The Finder Issue 301, December 2019 / Photos: Shutterstock and Instagram

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